Hajj 2023 Group 2

This group is suitable for pilgrims who prefer the non-shifting package with accommodation with 50-70 meters of the Haram in Makkah & Madinah.

This Package includes
1. Processing of Hajj visa & Muassah charges
2. Hajj draft & Hajj ministry charges
3. Saudi Mualim and tents charges
4. Return air ticket for Hajj including airport taxes
5. Air-conditioned transport in Saudi Arabia
6. Full day Pre-Hajj seminar (compulsory) Sunday TBC in Birmingham
9. Hotel in Makkah:
10. Hotel in Madinah:
11. Air-conditioned transport during the Hajj transfers
13. Hadi/Qurbani (one per person)
14. Mina tents with sofa beds
15. Air-conditioned tents in Arafat
16. Ziyarat in Madinah only
17. ATOL protection

DateDayHijri DateExpected Itinerary
25/6/2022Sat26 QidahDeparture from UK (Expected)
26Sun27"Arrival in Madinah (Subject to flight schedule)
27Mon28Jummah in Madinah
28Tue29Free day. Spend the day in Madinah
29Wed30Free day. Spend the day in Madinah
30Thu1 ZilhajjFree day. Spend the day in Madinah
1/7/2022Fri2Free day. Spend the day in Madinah
2Sat3Free day. Spend the day in Madinah
3Sun4Depart for Makkah
4Mon5Performance of Umrah
5Tue6Free day. Spend the day in Makkah
6Wed7Free day. After midnight departure to Mina
7Thu8Spend the day in Mina
8Fri9"Hajj day. Spend the day in Arafat,
After Maghrib prayer (onwards) move to Muzdalifah & spend the night in Muzdalifah till Fajr prayer"
9Sat10EID DAY, after Fajar prayer in Muzdaliafh, move back to Mina tents & stone the big Jamarah only, 7 pebbles
10Sun11"Spend the day in Mina
& stone the 3 jamarat, each 7 pebbles"
11Mon12"Spend the day in Mina
& stone the 3 jamarat, each 7 pebbles"
12Tue13"Optional additional day for Mina; either spend the day in Mina or go back to hotel.
13Wed14Start journey back home according to flight schedule
14Thu15Welcome back home (Expected)

Quad £ coming soon
Meals: half board during the stay in hotels
During the 5 days of Hajj (full board) in Mina, Arafat & Muzdalifah.

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