For us at Al-Makkawi Travel, the tradition of serving the pilgrims to the House of God in Makkah al Mukarramah was established by Al Haaj Abdullah Saleh and his family some 5 decades ago. This tradition remains alive in the family even today Alhamdulillah. So, you can be assured that serving the pilgrims is in our blood and comes as second nature.

You will be amongst family and friends during your stay in Saudi Arabia, a unique characteristic for which we are proud.

Why Choose Al-Makkawi Travel

First and foremost, ‘serving the guests of God is truly an honour’, is our long-standing value embedded in the Al-Makkawi culture.

Hajj & Umrah to Quran & Sunnah.


We cover all ranges of Hajj packages available in the UK market.

Availability of preferences for a ‘shifting package’ or ‘non-shifting package’.

Based on our long experience in serving the pilgrims, availability of both ‘shifting’ and ‘non-shifting’ options offers a choice. Each of these options offers suitability for budget and lifestyles. Depending on your choice of package, in a non-shifting package, you will remain in your hotel in Makkah from your arrival to your departure. You will also retain full access to the hotel during the five days of Hajj rituals & you will be able to come back to the hotel when you return to Makkah to perform Tawaf al Ifaadha so you can relax & use the facilities.

We only promise what we can deliver

For our shifting package, the careful selection of our apartments in Shisha gives an advantage of a very close proximity to Mina, Jamaraat & traveling to & from Haram. This prime location provides you with full access to the Shisha apartments during the days of Hajj which is a blessing in itself.

During your stay in Mina for the days of Hajj rituals, you will be provided with a sofa bed, blanket, pillow, hot and cold drinks and 3 meals a day.

You will have guidance & support from the start of the journey to your return back home, which is one of the most important aspects of the Hajj journey.

Air-conditioned transport during tranfers & all packages are inclusive of Qurbani.

Most of our customers are based on recommendation of pilgrims who have used our services in the past.