Face Mask

The Saudi Hajj ministry have made it mandatory for all the guests of Allah (SWT) to wear a face mask in the Haram (Makkah).

This includes during your Umrah, Salah (prayer) and during your voluntary tawafs.

In Madinah

You are required to wear a face mask during your visit to the Rawdah the resting place of the beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

PCR Test

The traveling guest of Allah (SWT) is required to take a fit to fly test 72 hours before departure on a negative result you are than permitted to board your flight.

There is a request for the guest of Allah to take another PCR before the departure from the country. This can be arranged by the group leader that is accompanying the group, or if you are traveling without a group, you can visit the nearest clinic. Ask the hotel reception for any directions if needed.

The UK government now requires all arriving passengers to take a Day-2 PCR test, you are required to fill in a passenger locator form (for the GOV). This form will request a ref number for the Day-2 PCR test. This can be purchased through a company that provides this service e.g. Travel agents or pharmacy.





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